The Offering

Suite of Domains

Domain names are unique and cannot be duplicated. Each individual domain name can only point to a single website, and it is not possible for two identical domain names to coexist. Here you can find an offering of domain names grouped together as a suite. These include,,, SilverAndGold.TV, and These domains also include additional secondary domains such as and

OTT Solution

24-Hour Show on Amazon Fire and Roku

The complete OTT solution is fully implemented and operational. By leveraging Amazon AWS technology, dedicated channels for SilverAndGold Television are continuously broadcasting around the clock, all week long. The framework allows for seamless management of programming, scheduling, and generating revenue through commercials. Additionally, it is easily scalable to include Apple TV, Samsung, and other platforms. Note: these AWS platforms are currently paused. They can be turned on for you to view when needed.

Apps Built

Android and IOS Shopping

In the modern era, individuals desire the convenience of watching content while on the move and according to their own timetable. We have developed and sanctioned applications for Apple IOS and Android Google Play platforms. Extensive effort has been invested in establishing accounts, building trust, and creating Apps catered to each of these prominent user bases. These Apps offer the same range of shows available on our OTT solutions and seamlessly integrate with our website to facilitate swift purchases. Note the live stream portion of these AWS apps have been paused. They may be turned on for you to review at any time.

  • Only One

    • Domain real estate is similar to property real estate. Just as there is only one Rockefeller center, there is only one
    • Domain properties of this nature are rarely accessible and are frequently desired and retained for extended periods. This represents an uncommon chance to acquire this domain.
  • Multi-Channel & Multi-Purpose

    • Utilize our suite of domains, apps, and IOS channels to effectively market your goods and services across multiple platforms and continents.
    • Whether you specialize in selling jewelry, watches, gold/silver bullion, or other commodities, our system ensures quick and efficient global reach.
  • The Power of AI

    • We utilize the power of AI to run social media. Our YouTube channel is quickly growing and provides video content written, voiced completely using AI.
    • In addition to YouTube, we are fully integrated into Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

AI Powered

YouTube Powered by AI

The content on our YouTube channel is entirely generated by AI, including the written text and the voiceover through TTS (text to speech) technology. Additionally, all the visuals, such as videos and photos, are also created by AI exclusively for


Growing Numbers

Unlock the power of Social Media for business growth and unleash the true potential of social media to propel your business forward.

We have established and loyal audiences across various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

The List

Subscription Model & More

We have established a dedicated jewelry subscription model. Experience the convenience and luxury of our specialized jewelry subscription model, offering you access to stunning accessories tailored to your personal style.

Let's Talk

If this suite of domains and solutions feels like something you should own, let's talk about it.

To begin the process, serious inquiries should initiate contact with our team in order to arrange a meeting. It is essential to note that this online suite of properties is being offered as a complete package, and it is not possible to divide it into smaller components. The successful buyer will gain ownership of the entire suite, along with unrestricted access to all associated data, marketing materials, and domains.